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    i cant hear any audio from my laptop unless i connect it to my speaker. the issue started a week after i purchased the laptop. 

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    Works, thanks Bellmond. The light is now on!

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    Glad to hear that! :)

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    I tried these steps, but after restarting the PC the issue still continued.


    Later I called HP support, they asked me to uninstall the driver and install again. That worked.

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    This seems to be working --- "renaming the exe in c:\program files\conexant\flow to keep it from coming back".



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    When I connect a microphone or guitar in my headphone, Windowds doesn't hear it. I disabled the internal mic. Didn't work. Anybody?

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    So recently my Internal Microphone of my windows 10 device (Laptop) Isnt working anymore, I tried many tutorials but nothing seems to work for me!


    Please help me!



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  • 11/21/18--11:13: Low Sound Quality on Spectre
  • My new Spectre's sound is extremely low quality and tinny. I have tried adjusting the settings in the Bang and Olufsen Audio control menu, have checked for driver updates (no new updates available), and have tried to load alternative drivers through the troubleshooting menu. There is no tab for turning off sound effects and audio enhancements in the in Speaker/Headphone properties as troubleshooting recommends. I'd really appreciate any help with this issue to take full advantage of my Spectre. Thanks! 



    Audio Driver: Realtek High Definition Audio (SST) (6/6/17)

    Model: HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-bl1XX

    Product Number: 1VW22AV


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    If to pause any kind of playback (video files, audio files, from the computer, from the internet) for 4-5 seconds, listening to it in headphones, after resuming the playback no sound is heard for 3-4 seconds while file is played. Different kinds of wired headphones were tested. If to use speakers of the computer itself, no pause in audio track has place. If to pause file playback less than 4-5 second, no pause has place even in headphones. 

    The laptop is brand new. All the drivers are the latest. Operation system (Windows 10) is updated to the latest available version. 

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    I have had this problem for several times. The right speaker became malfunction right after strange "pop" sound came out.

    I did research and try the procedure to test my audio system but worked in vain, the only way I could do is to reupdate BIOS.

    I thought this problem wouldn't happene again after updated the latest version (sp92316) but I was wrong. 

    Does anyone know how to fix it? It's frustrating and annoying having same problem again and again. 


    Thank you all!

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    Thanks for the input,


    I'm glad to hear you found the solution you were looking for.

    Thanks for taking the time to let the community know about the solution!


    Take care now and do have a great week ahead.


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    My device is not connected to dolby atomos ...

    but why?

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  • 11/21/18--19:11: Bluetooth issues
  • So since I've had my laptop I've never been able to connect it to any kind of bluetooth device- I've been on live chats with Windows people and they were saying that is was something with the actual bluetooth drive itself.  Every time I go to the 'connect'section, it acts as if it's going to do something, then says 'couldnt connect'. Is anyone having these issues? Any advice would be appreciated. 

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  • 11/22/18--01:00: Audio Craking sound
  • Hi,


    I note a sudden degradation of sound quality on my HP Spectre X360 - 13 - 4092nf.

    On some musique (play with itune or VLS or windows player) or Netflix video I have some Audio Craking sound (metallic, numeric noise type).  


    The issue concern the laptop loud speaker but also the audio output. the issue can be hear on external loud speaker also.


    The issue does not concern all musique or video, only some musique and video are concerned. The video use same codec and same sound quality recording.When it is present it is really unconfortable. I have play the same music or video on another computer without issue.


    What i have already done to solve the issue:

    - hard reset --> no effect

    - update the driver with last version available on HP site --> no effect

    - update the dirver with last version available on Realtek site --> no effect

    - update windows --> no effect

    - re-install windows --> no effect

    - update the bios with last version --> no effect

    - perform audio hardware test --> report is: no test availbale for this hardware

    - perform windows audio test --> no issue but a warning: using generic driver

    - activate/deactivate hardware acceleration --> no effect

    - try with several type of external speaker --> same issue

    - set PC configuration in economic mode or full performance mode --> same issue / no effect


    Some web site explain that there is a compatibility issue between Realtek and Windows 10 and advice to use generic driver from microsoft, but if I try this solution I have a incompatibility issue (code 10), so no possible on HP spectre.


    Note: I use this PC to DJing, so this issue is really a problem for me.


    thanks in advance



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    Drivers.PNGDriversI search all drivers sound and video for My Envy because, due to a bad uninstall, the drivers present on the laptop can not be reinstall (error 19). The drivers found on the HP support doesn't help.


    Laptop : HP Eny X360 15-aq101nb

    OS : Windows 10 1803.


    Does somebody knows where find all the original drivers for this laptop?


    The situation is visible in the picture:



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    Welcome to the HP Community. This is a great place to get support, find answers and tips to your technical queries. I have reviewed your post and I understand, there's an issue with the audio. 

    Don't worry, I'm here to help. To better assist you - Have you tried any troubleshooting steps before posting on HP Forums? 

    In the meantime, let's try these steps -

    Step 1 Run Audio troubleshooter -

    1) In Windows, find and fix audio into Search, or right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar and select Troubleshoot sound problems.
    2) Select Find and fix audio playback problems or Find and fix audio recording problems from the Search results.type


    Step 2 Re-install the Audio drivers -

    1) In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.
    2) Double-click Sound, video and game controllers.
    3) Right click on the Audio drivers and click on uninstall.
    4) Restart the computer. 


    If the issue still persists, try updating the computer -


    Step 3 Run Windows Updates troubleshooter -


    Click on this link to run the troubleshooter.


    Step 4 Windows Updates -


    1) In the search box, type and open Windows Updates.

    2) Check for updates.

    3) If the updates are available, click on install and restart the computer.


    Step 5 HP Support Assistant Updates -


    1) In the search box, type and open HP Support Assistant.

    2) Check for updates.

    3) If the updates are available, click on install and restart the computer.

    Let me know how that goes.


    To thank us for our efforts to help you, click here to access your public post and Select - "Accept as solution" and click on the purple "Thumbs up". 

    Have a great day!

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    No recent changes.  Problem occurs when any audio is  played through laptop.  The audio files can be held locally, or it can be an item from Youtube on line. After the first couple of seconds, audio starts (missing initial few seconds)

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    Hi, please let me know if anything worked for you. I have the same webcam and nothing has worked!

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    Welcome to HP Support Forums. A really great platform for posting all your questions and finding solutions.

    I have gone through your Post and I would like to help


    I suggest you download and run the HPSA from this Link:


    The HPSA will automatically search for all the latest drivers for your Notebook


    1. Click My devices in the top menu, and then click Updates in the My PC or My notebook pane.

      Click Updates in the My notebook pane

    2. Click Check for updates and messages to scan for new updates.

       Updates list in HP Support Center

    3. Review the list of updates. Updates with a yellow information icon are recommended. Updates with a blue information icon are optional.

    4. Click the update name for a description, version number, and file size.

    5. Select the box next to any updates you want to install, and then click Download and install.

    If the issue persists, please follow the instructions in this Link:


    Let me know how it goes


    Keep me posted how it goes


    Thank you and have a wonderful day 😊

    If the information I've provided was helpful, give us some reinforcement by clicking the "Solution Accepted" on this Post and it will also help other community members with similar issue.


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