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  • 12/28/18--11:54: beats audio not working
  • once I upgraded my system to windows 10 I seemed to have lost beats audio

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  • 12/28/18--12:20: Re: beats audio not working
  • Hi:


    Your notebook's model series is not supported by HP for W10, so there are no W10 drivers for your model notebook.


    The only suggestion I can offer would be to try this W10 IDT Beats audio driver from a newer model notebook.


    Restart the PC after installing the driver...




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    i have tried every suggested solution given in old threads that describe the same problem.

    have uninstalled/reinstalled IDT several times, using all different suggested SPs. 

    the most suggested was SP63555.  that's the one that seemed to be the solution for those having the same issue.  did not work for me.  none of them did.

    the software installs successfully, but no icon in notification area and no GUI.

    this is extremely frustrating.

    PLEASE, someone, come up with a solution that works.

    thank you!


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    That probably due to Windows updates.  Please try

    (a) Download the following driver and save on your computer,

    (b) Go to Device Manager, Sound to uninstall sound driver and reboot,
    (c) Right click downloaded file and select Run as administrator,
    (d) Reboot again.


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    hello, Banhien.  thanks for the reply.  yes, as indicated in the title of my post, it surely was due to the update. 

    i was pretty sure i'd already tried SP71717, as i did add it to my SWSetup folder, but guess i didn't, as when i just tried it, it resulted in this error:

    IDT error 2018-12-29.JPG


    note: there have been no hardware changes since i last tried this installation. 

    is it possible that SP71717 is incompatible with my device?

    the others i have tried repeatedly are: SP63555 and SP71886.  pretty sure there are others as well, but i did not label them as IDT paqs, so i cannot idenify them right now.

    there has GOT to be a solution that works for me. 

    hopefully it is found today.


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    I have taken all the steps you listed and installed the latest updates to the drivers and bios, but the problem still remains.

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  • 12/29/18--08:43: Audio stopped to work
  • I was playing songs and Audio suddenly stop working. 

    I can see an "x" over the audio icon.

    At i nformation system, in "devices with problems" can see the following

    Device: Audio controller for Intel(R) smart sound technology

    Device ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9D71&SUBSYS_82AA103C&REV_21\3&1158659&2&FB

    Error code: Device cannot start


    I tryed:

    Deinstalling and installing the lastest Conextant ISST audio without sucess

     I restarted the probook

    search and solve problems with devices does not fix the problem


    I appreciate your support



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  • 12/29/18--09:07: Re: Audio stopped to work

    Just wnat to let you know, that I tried again deinstalling and installing the driver and now its working properly,


    Thank you for your support

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     I updated my Spectre 360x 15 (2017) BIOS to F39. The operating system is windows 10 build (1809) October update. The right speaker does not work. I reinstalled the audio driver the right speaker didnot work.

    I tested the speaker using the HP diagnostics tools by pressing F2 during the booting. The speaker did not work.


    I tried to reinstall the BIOS again the speaker work, and it stops working after a while. So, every time I need the right speaker to work the bios should be reinstalled.


    Is there any suggestion to solve the problem.

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    Thanks for the response.


    Please check the private message I've sent you.


    Best regards,

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    What can I do to get my new headset's mic to work at the same time the audio does. For instance, when I plug in I can hear others great, but they do not hear me. This is a new computer, so when I did an audio/mic test it said everything was working fine (read the paragraph, etc.). Is it that a laptop cannot do both at the same time? Or, is there a setting that needs adjusting? I appreciate help!

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    Just opened my new laptop HP Spectre x360 15-df0002na 4K UHD few minutes ago. 
    I noticed that right side speaker plays much louder then left side.
    So i went to sound settings( Speaker/Headphones properties)>Levels>Balance. Both Left and Right sides were the same.

    Dont know what to do next, dont want to send it back for repair after its been unboxed 30 minutes ago.

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  • 12/29/18--13:43: Earphone jack doesn't fit
  • Hi there,


    I'm having a small issue, my earphones don't fit into the port completely, they're both 3.5mm long but stop just short of fully going in, so I don't get any sound coming through them. One of them has 2 'rings' on the jack, and the other has  3. I am sure I'm putting it in the right port (the one with the headphones symbol next to it) and when I've gone to see if there was anything in the port, I couldn't spot anything (but my laptop is silver so some of the light is reflected back, I could be mistaken. I'd be really grateful if someone could offer me a solution! 


    Many thanks!

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    Really odd.  A friend of mine just bought this machine, and she said that she can barely hear any audio while playing YouTube vidoes - except for the commercials.  System and YouTube volume is at max.  Commercials are loud - but not the content.

    Tried in Chrome and Firefox.

    Very odd.

    Any suggestions?

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  • 12/29/18--15:11: Audio very low
  • Really odd.  A friend of mine just bought this machine, and she said that she can barely hear the audio.  System volume is at max.  Commercials are loud - but not the content.

    Very odd.

    Any suggestions?

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    Thank you for the response! Some problems when trying this diagnostic test...


    I shut down the computer, and attempted to load the diagnostic tool via the F2 key, as well as trying the Escape key to pause startup and select F2 from there. Both of these methods to get to diagnostics didn't show what you have screenshotted in your reply. What came up is the picture below:20181229_170623.jpg


    After this came up with nothing to help me, I checked to make sure my BIOS is up to date, and it is with the version number: F.24 REV A. I did reference that to the HP driver page for this model, and it is definitely up to date from what i can tell.


    So, I then proceeded to check the BIOS settings as a last resort to find the diagnostics for the hardware... nothing of any help was in there. Am I missing something? Or were those screenshots of the diagnostics page from a different computer?


    Thanks again for your reponse in advance!

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    Hello everyone so I recently got this laptop and i found out this annoying problem related to audio when connected to headphone which is basically the sound only plays after a couple of seconds. This problem appears when watching youtube videos and also if the video is paused for a couple of minutes and then played again the same problem appears. It's so frustrating. This problem is not present without headphones. Please if anyone got a solution I would love to know it.


    Note: I've updated everything including windows, all drives, Intel and BIOS update but the problem still exists.

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  • 12/29/18--16:04: Re: Audio very low

    That probably due to Windows updates. Re-install driver should help. Please try

    (a) Download the following driver and save on your computer,

    (b) Go to Device Manager, Sound to uninstall sound driver and reboot,
    (c) Right click downloaded file and select Run as administrator,
    (d) Reboot again.


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    My friend broke an aux jack from a pair of headphones broke off into the 3.5mm port on my ENVY x360 around a year ago. Since this happened, the internal speakers in the notebook do not work.


    I have tried to physically remove the broken jack from the port using a number of methods (glue, opening the laptop up and trying to prise it out, tweezers), but have not had any luck at all. I have set my default playback device as 'Conexant SmartAudio HD'. Everything seems normal in the sound device settings, however there is no audible sound at all - I'm guessing this is because it still recognises an external playback device from the broken jack in the port.


    I have been using an external USB soundcard which does work, however this is not ideal as I have to plug this into another external playback device.


    Is there any way at all to bypass the 3.5mm port in order to use the internal laptop speakers? Alternatively, where can I buy a replacement part to fix the problem? Will I have to replace the whole motherboard?


    Thanks in advance


    I'm running Windows 10 (64-bit).

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    Thank you for replying,


    After reviewing your post thoroughly, I would suggest you need to go ahead and install the latest version of Hardware diagnostics on your PC.


    Please click here to download and install the latest version of Hardware diagnostics on your PC

    Once done, run the test and do get back to us with the results of the troubleshooting as this will help me in further assisting you.


    Eagerly waiting for your response!


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