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    I always delete such kind of programs. If you need high quality sound, listen loseless on a good player (Winamp, for example) and don't use this "sound qualifier". You shoud also use quality equipment (details here) and never listen to 128kbps mp3.

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    My microphone does not work properly. Whenever i talked to on skype, zoom, gtm or any other application, my voice breaks. I tried uninstall the sound driver and installed it again from HP but it does not solve the problem. I removed the driver from device manager and restarted system to auto detect default windws driver but it again did not solve the issue. Any one can help me?

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    audio is playing both in speaker and earphone at the same time, i tried unistalling and re-installing the drivers.i cant find the earphone device connected in audio laptop model is 15-bs542tu plzzz find a solution for this and help me .

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    I've seen that a lot of users have had problems with right speaker failure in the spectre series of laptops. Is this something that can be fixed through HP tools or is this a persistent hardware failure with the device? I have had my Spectre for just over a year and while I like the device there are issues. 

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    I am responding on behalf of as he is out for the day. It is great to have you back and your patience is greatly appreciated.


    I recommend you download and install HP support assistant from the below link and install all the updates.



    Here is how it is done.


    1. Click My devices in the top menu, and then click Updates in the My PC or My notebook pane.

      Click Updates in the My notebook pane

    2. Click Check for updates and messages to scan for new updates.

       Updates list in HP Support Center

    3. Review the list of updates. Updates with a yellow information icon are recommended. Updates with a blue information icon are optional.

    4. Click the update name for a description, version number, and file size.

    5. Select the box next to any updates you want to install, and then click Download and install.

    6. Perform any other update management actions as needed.

      • Postpone an update: Click Remind me, and then select a time preference.

      • Delete an available update: Click the Delete icon  to remove the update from the list and record it in the action log.

      • Review updates status: Click Action log below the list to view installed, postponed, or deleted updates.


    Let me know how it goes and you have a great day!


    If you wish to show appreciation for my efforts, mark my post as Accept as Solution.Your feedback counts!



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    Dear The_Fossette,


    Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I already had HP Support Assistant installed and all updates were already installed, but one. The not installed update was "Intel Managment Engine Interface (MEI) Driver (Windows 10 v1803)".


    I tried to install it with the HP Support Assistant, but got an error: "Installation failed: Intel Managment Engine Interface (MEI) Driver (Windows 10 v1803)", see screenshot.



    Actually as mentioned in the very first post in this thread I think there is a problem when I tried to reinstall this driver (among 4 drivers)


    here is the part from my first post I refer to:



    I tried reinstalling the chipset drivers from here:

    However, the "Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver" as well as the "Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver" worked to install, while the "Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver (Windows 10 v1803)" failed with the following logs:!ApvSvLhlaRiuj7181b_q1uxR0_wxug



    So, I guess there is an incorrect installation of this driver on my computer now.


    Would you know how to delete/remove this driver, such that I can reinstall it with the HP Support Assistant? Or is there any other way to solve this issue?





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    External USB 2 sound devices are extremely distorted on the HP SPectre laptop.



    I have attempted to use the HP Spectre 13-v001na  running Windows 10 with audio recording software (Cubase, Cakewalk) which relies on external  USB2 sound devices - Yamaha THR10 and Presonus iBox 2 are two I have used.    The software suffers from audio dropouts with very little strain on the system, and cannot be used.



      I have attempted to pin the issue down. Even if I attempt to use the Sound applet in Control Panel and run test to play the simple chime sound, the sound distorts and breaks up.  There is no problem with the sound using the inbuilt sound card.   The Spectre Notebook only has USB C ports, and I have tried connecting using the HP adapter cable (833960-001613A), as well as USB2 and USB3 external hubs with the same results


    I re-installed Windows 10 (Version 1809), and installed HP Solution Assistant to update all firmware and hardware.  Windows has all the latest updates.  I am also using the latest drivers/firmware  for the sound devices from Yamaha and Presonus.


    There is an HP article - - with a section on 'USB 2.0 Device Does Not Work When Connected to a USB 3.0 Port' However, this recommends uninstalling the USB 3.0 Root Hub, which stops USB devices from working until a reboot, at which point Windows automatically reinstalls the USB 3.0 Root Hub driver (which is supplied by Microsoft)


    The same external hardware (Yamaha and Presonus sound cards) works perfectly well on other computers, including a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 1809, which has 'old style' USB 3 ports.  I have only recently started to use the Spectre, so I ma not aware of this ever working.


    Are there any suggestions?   The Spectre is currently useless for its music production job, and in danger of becoming  a £1300 frisbee






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    I have paired by wireless headphones - BO Play 7 with my computer.  How can I get them link so that I can hear my music.  If I utilise the wire via the jack point.. this works but I dont know how to do this via bluetooth and wirelessly.

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    Yes indeed. When HP sure run is not running, there is no cracking sound

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    The problem is HP sure run. When i disable this. the sounds is OK.

    See also:

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    We need to know what is your  Spectre X2 detachable ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:


      Please do NOT post its Serial number (s/n).


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    I'm amazed.  Thank you for posting this.  I just found this post and unplugged my power supply.  Seems to be working over a couple of hours.  I've had terrible clicking and popping for 3 months and have tried almost everything from driver upgrades, driver downgrades, BIOS updates, full clean Windows 10 Pro install, disabled various components, ran many many tests, all to no success.  I'm hoping this works.  

    BTW, the voltage rating for my power supply is 19.5V and tests at 19.89V.    Didn't check the ripple or the amperage (didnt' open the case or a proper load), but I'm thinking the power supply is bad.  Might look into a generic power brick.  They're cheaper and not as bad some say.


    Also, I'm very diappointed in HP's support policies.  Granted my system is out of warranty, but I've purchased many (50-60) laptops for home and my business over the years.  But now they won't talk to you about anything unless you pay.  And they hang up on you if ask too many questions (happened 3 times recently).  Unless you're buying, both tech support and customer support are not talking.  The policy was never so draconian.  I'm likely going to rethink future purchases.


    Thank you again for the post!!

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    @Raj1788 -  any comments?

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    Welcome to HP Forums. This is a great place to get support, find answers and tips.


    I have gone through your Post and would like to help


    Please update the BIOS from this Link: and let me know how it goes


    Thank you 😊


    If the information I've provided was helpful, give us some reinforcement by clicking the "Solution Accepted" on this Post and it will also help other community members with similar issue.

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    I just had trouble with a Realtek update. Have you tried uninstalling the driver and then installing the new driver. 

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    ran the most recent updates suggesed by HP and now the sound driver doesn't work - can't even be found in a search of my device drivers.

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    I'll give that a try.  Did it work for you?

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    Yes. I had no bass with the latest update so I did that and actually selected a driver released last spring. Will wait awhile before I try again with latest.

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    Welcome to the HP Forums!


    Thank you for posting your query on this forum, it's a great place to find answers.


    I reviewed your post and I understand that the internal mic is not working on the computer.


    Don’t worry, I assure you I will try my best to get this sorted.


    Awesome job on diagnosing the issue correctly and performing smart troubleshooting before posting your question on HP forums. Kudos to you on that score. 


    I recommend you follow the steps in the below article and check if it helps.



    Let me know how it goes and you have a great day!


    If you wish to show appreciation for my efforts, mark my post as Accept as Solution.Your feedback counts!



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    When I plug my headphones into the jack, sound still comes out of the speakers. My headset includes a microphone as well, and the microphone doesn't work either. My laptop isn't recognising that headphones are plugged in, because the headphones device doesn't show up in Playback Devices. Yes, I have enabled "show hidden devices" and "show disconnected devices". Also in Device Manager, under Audio inputs and outputs, there are only two devices, which are speakers and microphone. COuld someone please help me with this issue? Thank you so much.

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