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    What is your Envy x360 ? Is your machine running Windows XP which is not supported ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:

      Please do NOT post its Serial number (s/n). 



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    I have a HP Pavilion x360 Convertible Laptop. I'm trying to use a headset with it, but when I plug it into the headphone jack, the internal microphone is muted, however the microphone on the headset doesn't seem to work. The device works on everything else but I need it to work on this laptop. It's a standard wired headset for VoIP calls, plugged into the headphone jack. The sound works. Just not the microphone.


    How do I get the laptop to recognize the microphone in the wired headset?

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    You may need driver from vendor of your headset. But please try the following steps first


    (a) Right click Speaker icon and  select Sound,

    (b) Go to Recording tab,

    (c) Right click headset microphone and enable.



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    Hello dears, 


    Please advise how to fix next issue - every time after sleeping/hibernating mode speaker volume raises higher (to 65%) from my prefered usual level (which is lower). Can't find any default settings. 


    Driver: Conexant ISST Audio v.10.0.17134.1

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    The built-in speakers of my HP Spectre 360 Convertable laptop (1 year old, Win10) stopped putting out sound.  The headphone jack works fine as does an external bluetooth speaker. I have reloaded drivers, rebooted, gone through the HP diagnostics, and nothing seems to fix the problem.  The laptop sits on my desk so does not get moved or bumped.

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    I have a new HP Envy 17t tghat shows an uninstalled device in device manager.  I shows as Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) OED. I can't seem to find a driver to clear the error in device manager.  There was an interruption during an update.  When I am in the driver properties I can get Driver Details but everything else grayed out.  When I try to install the Intel Driver and support assistant I get this:


    Setup Failed

    One or more issues caused the setup to fail.  Please fix the issues and then retry set up.


    0x80070652 - Another istallation is already in progress.  Complete that installation before proceeding with this install.


    My guess is the installation in progress is the Smart Sound Driver and is frozen.


    How do I fix this?

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    I don't think the official support can help you although this question has been the elephant in the room for some time now and until now updates after updates nothing happened.


    the answer is to stick to the realtek audio driver but updating the registry like in the following link:


    as for the crackling sound that has been happening since the realtek update with the version 6.0: 

    go to device manager -> right click properties on realtek audio driver -> roll back driver and restart.


    i really hope more people experience these issues with these god forsaken audio drivers. unbelievable quality..


    keep in mind that windows updates usually revert these changes so remember them and re-apply after every windows update

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    No tengo ningún problema con el sonido.

    pero no puedo encontrar mi Beats Audio Control Pan y los controladores que e probado no me funcionan 

    alguna ayuda

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  • 01/11/19--03:03: error install audio driver
  • Good day. Could you please help with the audio driver with beats audio support on the netbook hp envy x 2

    During installation of the audio driver or package driver, an error of installing the IDT driver appears with the audio driver.

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    Thank you for posting back. 


    As its firmware update, I would request you to wait for them to push the latest firmware update. 


    If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us.


    Have a great day!

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    Does this mean there is an error that will be solved it in the next firmware release?

    1. If so, would you know when approximately the new firmware will be available?
    2. If not, what is the point to wait if we do not know if it is going to be fixed or not

    Thanks a lot in advance



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    Thank you for visiting our English HP Support Community. We are only able to reply to posts written in English. To ensure a quick response it would be advisable to post your question in English. The following links are here to assist you if you prefer to post in the following Language Community.

    German: HP Kundenforum
    Spanish: Foro de usuarios de HP
    French: Forum des utilisateurs
    Portuguese: Fórum dos usuários HP
    Chinese: 惠普个人客户支持论坛
    Korean: HP 지식커뮤니티

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    Welcome to the HP Forums :) I would like to take a moment and thank you for using this forum, it is a great place to find answers. For you to have the best experience on the HP forum, you could also visit our HP Forums Guide for First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.


    I understand you having issues with audio crackling and slow performance on your brand new laptop performance issues with your PC.


    Don't worry I'll try to help you out.


    Have you ensured all the updates have been installed on your PC.


    Did you make any hardware or software changes on your PC?


    Splendid analysis and remarkable patience shown. It is immensely appreciated.


    By not wasting much of your time, try the steps recommended below and check if it helps.


    Let's start off by performing a Hard Reset -


    1) Shutdown the computer. 
    2) Unplug all the Adapter and peripherals connected. 
    3) Press and hold down the power button for 15 to 20 seconds. 
    4) Plug-in the Adapter. 
    5) Try to turn on the computer. 


    Next thing, I would suggest here is to Run Windows Updates troubleshooter -


    Download and install the troubleshooter from this link.


    Now try to perform Windows Updates - 


    1) In the search box, type and open Windows Updates. 
    2) Check for updates. 
    3) If the updates are available, click on install and restart the computer. 


    If the issue still persists, I would suggest here is to update the Bios on your computer from  HP Support Assistant Updates - 


    1) In the search box, type and open HP Support Assistant. 
    2) Check for updates. 
    3) If the updates are available, click on install and restart the computer. 


    1.    Turn off the computer and wait five seconds.
    2.    Press the Power button to start the computer and repeatedly press the F10 key to enter the BIOS setup menu.
    3.    On the BIOS Setup screen, press F9 to select and load the BIOS Setup Default settings.
    4.    Press F10 to Save and Exit.
    5.    Use the arrow keys to select Yes, then press Enter when asked Exit Saving Changes?
    6.    Follow the prompts to restart your computer.

    Also, I would suggest you enable Fast Start-Up on the system and check if it helps. To do this, follow the steps below.
    1. Open Control Panel and go to Power Options.
    2. Click/tap on the Choose what the power buttons do link on the left side.
    3. Click/tap on the Change settings that are currently unavailable link at the top.
    4. If prompted by UAC, then click/tap on Yes. 
    5. Ensure that Turn on Fast Startup is checked.
    6. Restart the computer.


    If the issue still persists after trying out the steps try the steps recommended below.


    In Windows, search for Command Prompt. In the search results, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator. Then click Yes.
    In Command Prompt, type sfc /scannow. Make sure to include the space between sfc and the /.
    Press Enter and wait while System File Checker scans for corrupted files.
    When scanning is complete, the results are displayed on the screen.
    If the file checker found and replaced any corrupted files, restart the computer and check the performance.
    If the file checker did not find any corrupted files or found corrupted files but could not replace them, go to the next step.
    If System File Checker finds corrupted files but cannot replace them, use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool. DISM checks the corrupted files; then downloads and replaces the files using Windows Update.
    In Windows, open a web browser.
    You need to be connected to the Internet to use DISM.
    In Windows, search for Command Prompt. In the search results, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator. Then click Yes.
    In Command Prompt, type dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth. Make sure to include the space before each / in the command line.
    Press Enter and wait while DISM works. This might take several minutes.
    If DISM finds corrupted files, it replaces them using Windows Update. If this occurs, after DISM is finished, restart your computer and see if the performance has improved.


    For more details, please follow this link: HP PCs - Computer Is Slow (Windows)


    Refer this article to further troubleshoot lock up or freezing issues with PC. Click Here


    Regarding the audio issue, I would suggest here is to uninstall the audio drivers from device manager: 


    Let's start off by uninstalling the audio drivers from device manager: 


    Right-Click on start button> click device manager> expand sound video and game controllers>then select the sound drivers and right-click on it and uninstall the audio drivers.

    Then check the box delete the software for this device.


    If the issue still persists try running a system diagnostics test on your PC and check if the hardware on your laptop is functioning correctly.


    Refer this article to know more information about running system diagnostics on your PC. Click Here


    If the solution provided worked for you, please mark an accepted solution for this post.


    Hope this helps!

    Have a great day! :-)


    Please click “Accept as Solution” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.

    Click the “Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom right to say “Thanks” for helping!

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    Same goes to my Hp Spectre 13.

    The volume is increasing and decreasing non stop while the volume bar in the same volume.

    When i plug in or connect to headphones or other bluetooth speaker, it works like usual. I am sure that my laptop speaker is the main problem

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    Every thing works except for the enhancement tab, which is missing. It was never there from the beginning, when I got the notebook a few months back

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    There are 4 tabs as shown ? Where you see  enhancement tab ?


       sound tab.png



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    I am having the exact same problem.  It goes away if I pull the power supply but then comes back once I plug it back in.  I have done everything sugested such as replace the sound driver, I am using a three prong plug, and have gone as far as pulling the batter to see if that was the problem but no success.  I have not yet replaced the power supply and am wondering if thats the next step.  Any suggestions would be great. 

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    today i have my laptop update the window regular update, after restart b & O control panel is missing in hp audio switch bottom side.


    kindlt resolve it

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    I installed Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop and I have installed all the drivers except the Audio. I can't find Sound Video and game controllers in the Device Manager. Even if I click show hidden devices it won't show it.

    I have read that this notebook uses the Conexant High Definiton Audio driver and I have tried installing it with no success: The installer fails because it can't find the device for the driver.  I have also tried the Sound trobleshooter but it says it can't detect hardware changes. When I hover the mouse over the speaker icon it says "No audio output devices found"

    I have installed several programs to detect and install missing drivers but they can't find the audio driver.

    HP Driver support webpage for this model ( only lists Windows Vista, but even if try to see the drivers available it gets stuck in a loading screen. I tried opening the same webpage on another PC with the same results.


    I hope someone can help me fix this issue. Thanks in advance.

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    Did the sound work right before you upgraded to W7?


    The reason I ask is because those PC's with the nVidia chipsets are notorious for overheating and several components quit working.  They just disappear from the device manager.


    Audio, wifi and DVD drive are the most common devices to fail.


    The audio device would show up in the device manager as a multimedia audio controller if there was a driver that needed to be installed.


    Since I do not see that device showing up in the device manager, I would have to assume the audio chip has failed.

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