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    Hi Riddle,

       I am having exactly the same problem on my HP Pavilion X360 m Convertible laptop, Model 14m-cd0001dx.  I tried the steps you outlined above, but it did not fix the no audio problem.  As the original poster stated, this started just recently after the October 2018 Windows Update.


    I do not have an "Intel Smart Sound Technology" driver in my Device Manager but I do have a "Realtek High Definition Audio" device in its place, so that's the one I uninstalled/deleted.  Still didn't fix the problem.  When I go to the Sounds settings, everything looks like it should be playing audio, but nothing comes out of the laptop's speakers.  The microphone works just fine, and if I try a video chat, the person I'm talking to can hear me...but I can't hear them of course because I have no audio.


    Please let us know ASAP what we can do to fix this problem.  Would doing a System Restore to before the Windows Update possibly fix this, at least temporarily?  Or is there somewhere we can manually download and install an older version of the audio drivers?  Thanks in advance!


    EDIT: I figured it out, found the solution on another post in the forums.  For the record, here's the solution that worked for me:


    What I did was to go the original website of Realtek, here :
    Choose downloads > High definition audo codecs (checkmark) > and choose the 64 bit driver at the top of the list.


    I went into Device Manager, uninstalled/deleted all of the audio drivers there and then installed the one I had downloaded directly from Realtek.  The installer made me reboot and once the laptop came back up, sound was working again.  Voilà!

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    Hi Riddler,

    Tried the outlined steps but did not work. After choose to update from Windows update center, it reinstalled Real Tek Hi defination audio. Like David mentioned in this message, everything seems to be in working order but still no sound. I tried changing the device to Windows Hi defination audio and the audio was restored for some time but as soon as the sytem was restared the audio was lost again.


    @ David: The system restore works but it is tedious and a temperory solution as Windows update overides it anyway and you are back to square one. 


    I have a scheduled video conference tonight so will be doing a system restore anyway. But, I am highly disappointed that the issue does not have a permanent solution from HP. Never had such issues with Dell machine that I owned before this one whic I purchased just 2-3 month ago.




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    Microsoft installed intel sound driver couse your realtech sound card doesn't work properly. So you have to unstall the driver with software and install realtech sound driver and you are done :)


    Thanks and regads.


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    Microsoft installed intel sound driver couse your realtech sound card doesn't work properly. So you have to unstall the driver with software and install realtech sound driver and you are done.

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    last month i have taken this laptop, i have updated windows after that on words Audio is not working

    with earphones working ..

    i have tried with "HP Support Assiestant" and updating drivers still not working .. Device Manager also

    Please help me 

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    The only suggestion I can offer would be to review the information on these two links.


    A recent Windows update caused a loss of audio in many newer HP notebooks such as yours...



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    @Amol, try the last steps I outlined in my message - downloading the drivers directly from Realtek.  I had previously tried downloading the audio drivers from HP's support page for the laptop and that didn't work.  Downloading and installing the package directly from Realtek fixed it.

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    I am getting the error message "hardware changes might not have been detected" for 9 days now. Using HP 6930p Notebook PC



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    Hi David,

    Was trying the steps mentioned by you. But, after selecting the 64x driver, I entered the email address then clicked the link in the email to download the driver. However, after entering the captcha nothing gets downloaded. I just see the Realtek screen which says to close the window as download wis starting.

    So I am again stuck!

    I suspect the firewall or antivirus is blocking the .exe download.

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    @Amol - Huh, that's weird.  Here, I downloaded it for you and put it on my Dropbox so you can download it more easily:



    Give that a shot.

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    Solved finally! 


    Since I could not download the file from Realtek site, I downloaded an earlier version of the driver i.e 2.79 instead of 2.82 from  Cnet. I uninstalled the audio device with the previous drivers from device manager > Sound video game controller and installed the 2.79V driver. The audio is back, Whew!


    Thanks @ David and @Riddler for your support.



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    Welcome to the HP Forums :) I would like to take a moment and thank you for using this forum, it is a great place to find answers. For you to have the best experience on the HP forum, you could also visit our HP Forums Guide for First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I see from your post that you are having issues with the mute button not turning off on your HP Product.  No worries, I'll be glad to assist you.

    • What is the product number of your device? Use this link to find it: Click here
      • (Ensure you do not share any of your personal information such as serial, phone number, email ID, etc.)

    Did you perform all the steps exactly as suggested in the previous post?


    Could you please respond to this post with the details of the product so that I can help you with accurates steps which should help you resolve this issue.

    Eagerly waiting for your response!


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    i really really hope somebody can help me! 

    Since the new windows 10 update my notebook no longer plays clear audio. The audio still works but a muffled/air/static sound is played over it at the same time. This is out loud and also when using headphones! However when using headphones the muffling comes out of the speakers and audio normal through headphones. 

    This has happened once in the past (6 months ago or so) but I was able to fix it through toggling with my settings. However this time I have done EVERYTHING in my power to fix it myself. I have accessed the factory settings through the F2 key process and when an audio test is ran the sound is not present therefore I know it is not a fault with my speakers! I’m also in awe to the fact that under my speaker properties there is no enhancements key or options?? Can anyone explain this? 

    I hope someone can help as I can’t stand this noise much longer! 


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    Your machine is an HP Notebook - 14-bp056sa. Its specs



    That probably due to Windows updates. Re-install driver should help. Please try

    (a) Download the following driver and save on your computer,

    (b) Go to Device Manager, Sound to uninstall sound driver and reboot,
    (c) Right click downloaded file and select Run as administrator,
    (d) Reboot again.


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    HP Probook x360 440 g1

    WIN 10 64BIT

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    Your audio is Conexant. The speakers are Dolby. All of your drivers are on the Support page:

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    Even if I configure Microphone from Sound settings looks like the in-built mic resides at the right side of the laptop is still active as a result I am not able to use my Mic; and annoying - I cannot use Skype, WebEx etc. If it is a seperate bluetooth device it works well. But normal earphone **bleep** Mic does not work and my recording or voice at other side is echoing. 


    Please advice.

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    hi, can I have the answer coz i have same problem.


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    You can just delete all those unnecessary drivers and install the latest one? Those are from the auto-updates. You just didn't notice. OS like LInux and Microsoft allows you to autoclean unnecessary files through their built-in software. 

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  • 10/27/18--01:34: Re: Pavilion x360 no audio
  • After two days later, the audio came back on..... I don't know how or why.

    During the "no- audio" period, I could only hear sound coming from the laptop by plugging in my logitech headphones/mic into the USB drive. I could not hear anything if I plugged in my other headphones into the audio jack.

    So I don't know...


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