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    Welcome to the HP Support Community. This is a great place to get support, find answers and tips to your technical queries. I have reviewed your post and I understand, there's an issue with the Bang & Olufsen audio. 

    This issue can occur due to various reasons like computer settings, updates, audio driver,... are to name a few. 


    Don't worry, I'm here to help! To better assist you - 


    1) Were there any recent hardware or software changes made?

    2) Have you tried any troubleshooting steps before posting here? 


    While you respond to that, let's try these steps -


    Step 1 Run Audio troubleshooter -


    1) In Windows, type "Find and fix audio" into Search, or right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar and select Troubleshoot sound problems.
    2) Select Find and fix audio playback problems or Find and fix audio recording problems from the Search results.


    Step 2 Re-install the Audio drivers -


    1) In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.
    2) Double-click Sound, video and game controllers.
    3) Right click on the Audio drivers and click on uninstall.
    4) Restart the computer. 


    Download and install the driver from this link.


    You may also refer to this document for more information - Using the Bang and Olufsen Audio App


    Hope this helps!


    Let me know how that goes. 


    To thank us for our efforts to help you, please mark the public post as "Accept as solution" and click on the blue "Thumbs up".  

    Have a great day!

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    In my HP (the same model) there wasn't sound from speakers and headphones.

    If headphones not work it could be a damage sound card on mainboard...

    Is there any solution to fix sound? 

    I'll tried Windows 10 - default and HP drivers, and Windows 7 HP IDT drivers.

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    No your generic response does not help. I have already tried what you have suggested, and much more.


    I am telling you that there is something wrong with the installation file on your website.

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    Welcome to the HP Support Community


    Just want to make sure that you updated these drivers???


    HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 Firmware Installer:



    HP Firmware Pack (Q78):




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    Windows 10 x64 HP Notebook has no audio after update. In system information app it says Problem Device is High Definition Audio Controller, pci\ven_8086&Dev_2284&subsys_80c5103c&rev_21\3&11583659&0&d8 Error Code this device cannot start. I have looked for drivers online and have downloaded a few, but after I try installing them, it says that the High Definition Audio Controller device (which is the problem) already has the correct devices installed.  In the Device Manager, the Sound, video and game controllers are hidden.  When I un-hide them, underneath them, there are the following: Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy, and two Microsoft Streaming Tee/Sink-to-Sink Converter entries, the second of which is not connected to my computer for some reason.  Does anyone have a solution for this?  Thank you 

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    Update:  I just ran the DirectX Diagnostic tool, using WINx  dxdiag.exe, and it says there is no sound card installed on this notebook, which I find ridiculous, because there was audio last week.  Does anyone know how to get the sound card to be recognized?  Thank you

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    See if this link is of help to you...


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    The audio test worked. Just to be clear - there is and always has been sound on the laptop when it isn't plugged in to the HDMI cable, but it doesn't come out of either when connected to the TV. I think the troubleshooting link you've sent is for general no sound through the laptop, so I'm not sure which part you are suggesting I try there.



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    This .exe would not run for some reason: and I have tried updating windows through the regular update methods, to no avail.  It is possible that the most recent update installed something mysterious that blocks the sound card from being recognized.  I am not sure how a sound card gets deleted entirely from a regular windows update because I thought a sound card was some physical entity in the hard drive.  Is there any way to figure out what is blocking the sound card and audio device from being recognized?  I also updated the BIOS, but that was useless. 

    Thank you

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    You're very welcome.


    If that link didn't help, I guess you are going to have to experiment with some things.


    Your notebook has the Realtek audio system and I'm thinking the Intel HD audio device is part of the Intel chipset hardware--in other words, a device that communicates with the Realtek audio system that has a problem.


    So the first experiment I would try would be to install the latest chipset driver directly from Intel, and restart the PC.


    The 2nd file down on the left side of the page is the auto install file.


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    Thank you for posting back. 


    I'm sending out a Private message to assist you with the next course of action.

    Please check your Private message icon on the upper right corner of your HP Forums profile

    Next, to your profile Name, you should see a little blue envelope, please click on it or simply click on this link:

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    Please do not send me private messages. I have told you that your latest drivers for the version mentioned above do not install. Please test tell Hp to test their software before sending it out to the customers. Please try to replicate the problem yourself. If you need help, I can assist you with that. If the customers are paying Hp a large amount of money. The least Hp can do is to pay someone to test their software, before sending it out to customers.

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    It may be the Intel smart sound drivers. Try this.

    Let me know after a few days if it resolves the problem.

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  • 12/16/18--08:53: Re: HP Volume problems
  • The volume gets reset to 68 when the drivers are reinstalled. So it is probably a driver issue.

    Download the latest drivers from hp website. Delete all sound drivers from my computer including Intel smart sound drivers which are in system in device manager. Restart the computer. Install new drivers. Then restart the computer. This should fix the problem.

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    Audio stereo mixing is disrupted and B&O filterning does not work with latest audio driver update ( it seems that somthing is missing from the installer (which is only 33,32 Mb compared tho the full driver which is something around 130/140 Mb). In fact after installing this driver the audio is sent to the internal speakers without stereo mixing, so if we have a 5.1 audio source like from netflix i only hear ambiental sounds and not voices. Indeed Bang & olufsen audio filtering is disabled, and there is not the possibility to activate it. I resolved going back to the precedent audio driver. Installing the new driver will break stereo mixing and B&O filtering, i tried multiple times.

    Capture(1).PNGB&O filterning is deactivated and it cannot be turned on

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  • 12/16/18--11:17: Re: No sound from computer
  • Thanks for your prompt response.  The product number for my computer is 438677-001.  The answer to all the other questions is "no".  Any help you can provide is appreciated.

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    Using SFC /scannow, the following files were found to be CORRUPT:


    C:\windows\Media\\Windows Notify System Generic.wav

    C:\windows\Media\\Windows Notify Messaging.wav

    C:\windows\Media\\Windows Notify Email.wav

    C:\windows\Media\\Windows Notify Calendar.wav

    C:\windows\Media\\Windows Background.wav

    C:\windows\Media\\Windows Foreground.wav


    Unfortunately, SFC in conjunction with DISM, were unable to repair the files.  I suspect that the files in the RECOVERY partition from HP are also corrupt.  I copied replacement files from another win 10 computer.

    Good article explaining how to use SFC:

    Another alternative that sounds promising, but I did not use, is to do a repair install of win 10 without loosing apps and programs.  Here is an article explaining the process:

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  • 12/16/18--11:43: Re: No sound from computer
  • ,


    Thank you for replying,


    After reviewing your post, I was not able to pull any information using the is product number. Please use this link to help you find the information


    Waiting for your response!


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    Whatever device I connect my laptop to, the sound still comes out of the laptop.


    For example, if I connect the HDMI cable, the picture comes up on the tv screen but the sound comes from the laptop.


    If I connect my wireless headphones, it says 'connected' but the sound still comes from my laptop. This is also sometimes the case for my wireless speaker.


    Re: HDMI cable, I have tried right clicking the sound icon on bottom right of screen, clicking 'Sounds', clicking 'Playback' and it says the default device is my TV. Yet the sound still comes out of my laptop. Please help

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    SOLVED! I just fixed this after struggling with this issue for months! 


    HP Smartfriend had me re-download audio drivers, do a system recovery, create a test account, update BIOS (totally failed and had to unroll it) and I finally did a factory reset but none of it worked.


    Does your external volume button make a clicking noise when you press it? IF NOT, SEE THE SOLUTION BELOW!


    It was a physical issue affecting where the external volume up button connected to the USB board (Spare Part Number 807527-001).


    I took the cover off after reading that someone fixed this issue by replacing the USB board bc their cable was bad. I then pressed on the volume down button (pictured here on the top, not circled in red) and it made a clicking noise. BUT when I pressed the volume up button it did NOT make a clicking noise, and looked like the little hammer wasn't hitting that censor (circled in red). I then pushed on the back of the censor (in the direction of the red arrow) and it made a clicking noise like it snapped into place. After that, I re-pressed the volume up button and it made the clicking noise like it was supposed to!


    I was shocked and thought there was no way this maddening issue had that small of a fix. But I restarted my computer and the Volume worked normally again and everything seems to be running MUCH better.


    Hope it works for you! The USB board part is only around $15, so I would definitely recommend replacing that if you don't have the same results that I do when trying to get the external volume button to reconnect with the USB board.







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